Top 6 Best Castle-Visit in Scotland

Castle-tour is the most wonderful adventure in Scotland. Of course,  there are so many tourist destinations in the country. Castle tour makes it perfect for you to know the historic backgrounds of the Celts. Below are the castles recommended for you.

Stirling Castle

This stirling castle is one of the oldest castle in the history of the nation. It sprung up in middle ages and is still living to this very moment.

This royal castle of the middle ages has gone through battles and peace.

Edinburgh Castle

This castle is one of the strongest castle in the early days of the empire. In fact,  Edinburgh is the most famous in the nation and it’s castle stands high as if it still longs for the days of its youth.

Dunnottar Castle

This castle was built earlier than the Edinburgh’s or the Stirling’s. In addition to that, the castle’s location is very different from all the other ones. It was really a fortress of the native.

Urquha Castle

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Actually, it has the best background and environment. Perhaps, that is because they have taken care of it’s surroundings to make it clean and beautiful.

Dunrobin Castle

This is one of the magnificent castle built during the middle ages with French architectural influence. It cannot be denied that it is one of the liveliest castle of the nation.


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