The culture shock in Scotland

There are many people who can now choose one place and can move there and find a job and they could settle. They then can move again if they will like. That is the god that the technology and the openness have brought in this times. There are not many restrictions as long as you follow the rules of the country or city that you will live in then you are okay. The countries are now open also to foreigners working in their country and they also appreciate it.

When that happens, there is the experience of having culture shock. That is because each country has their own culture that they have practiced since they were young. It is already a normal thing for them but when they go to other places they find it is different.  The video above this paragraph is one that shares the culture shock experience that one who moves into Scotland have experienced. One of the thing that is mentioned is that the customer service is very nice and people are gentle.

Another one that is mentioned in the queue process. When you will ride a bus, there is the line so you need to fall in line. It is one that you should also follow. This is nice because it will not cause any disagreements ad you can see clearly if someone is trying to cut into it. One thing is that drinking in public is not illegal also unlike in some countries.