Never do these Things in Scotland

Here is a guide for you when visiting the country. Many people have stereotypes due to the influence of the net when they visit Scotland. Bear these things in mind for you to be comfortable.

1. Do not expect Scottish people to be wearing kilt.

This is just an introduction to them. Scottish too are living in modern fashion so they do not wear kilt as long as they want because it is just their national garment.

2. Never say you are a Scottish unless you are.

Some people who lived for a long time in Scotland say they are Scottish. Logically, you can do this in some nations. However it is different in Scotland. If you are not born in Scotland and settled there all throughout your life, you are a Scottish person. If you claim you are though you have the right to say it, you will just be humiliated. This advice should never be ignored.

3. Do not Always Ask People

It is better to ask the Scottish people once when doing inquiries about a certain thing. This is a nice exploring company. Check this tracker for more. This is very helpful.

They easily get pissed off because of this. They are quite serious and strict. You are welcome literally to their hometown but you have limits beyond your score.

4. Do not Miss to Drink Irn Bru

This is a soft drink of Scotland,  the national soft drink. Some people drink this instead of whiskey. This is because whiskey is quite strong. If people drink this, they can relieve their thirst too. Enjoy drinking this with the locals. By the way feel free to visit this link 查車牌號碼 to read about private agents. best tips!