Dont’s In Scotland

When you visit one place, you will surely experience many differences. One major difference is the language if it is one that does not speak your native tongue. In different countries, there are differences in what we think as okay and things you should not do or words you should not say. So for you not to be embarrassed and feel awkward during your visit, let us learn some things you should not do while you are in Scotland. One is trying to sound like them.

Blending in is not an issue in this place but do not try hard to speak with the Scotland accent. Just be yourself and enjoy yourself being a tourist.  Another tip is that the Edinburgh is pronounced without the sound of the letter g.

In this country, there are not many gas stations that opened all day and night so you must always check your gas level before going anywhere. No way you could get it moving in the middle of the road if it stopped.

Take in mind also that the pubs close at midnight so if you want to drink something, prepare them for advance. You should not miss also to visit the different places as they are very charming. This country is a beautiful and you should not miss seeing the beautiful scenic views. You can talk some walk to feel the environment or if you are driving then you can also drive to see the spots and see how beautiful it is being.