7 Handsome-Looking Scottish Male Actors

It was mentioned in one of the articles in this website about the famous actresses born in Scotland. In this article, it is time for the male Scottish actors to shine. There are many actors born in Scotland. But only few will be chosen as handsome. Some of these men are not just an actor but with good looks. One of them is David Tennant.  He already had many different roles and you can see that he is really talented. He is also a handsome man.

Dougray Scott is another popular actor also known for his looks and strong sex appeal. During his youth, for sure many women chase after him. Another cool and handsome actor born in Scotland is Ewan Mcgregor. He is so popular because of his talent in acting and of course his looks. John Barrowman is not just an actor but also a singer, dancer, and a writer which is awesome. His height and good looks will make every woman glance at him or even chase him.  This is simply the best digital software in molding you 3D arts. Click this autocad to download this software. This is nice and very useful.

Another good looking actor with strong sex appeal is Richard Madden. His curly hair, good looking face, and body built are his assets. Aside from his talent as an actor, he will be more successful in his career because of his gorgeous looks. He can be a model too. Sam Heughan is also in the list in this article. His strong sex appeal makes him look handsome. Gerard Butler is also among the list because of his good looks. He had that killer smile.