3 Scottish Foods to Try in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is popular for its beautiful tourist destinations as well as its culture. As a part of the Scottish culture, Scottish food is a must-to-try by tourists. In this article, you will know at least 3 of the most delicious dishes in Edinburgh. There are many restaurants all over Scotland. Scotch pie is one of the most famous food in Scotland especially in Edinburgh. It is not sweet just like any other pie. It is savory and filled with mutton. Try it for an unforgettable experience.

It is like a street food in Scotland but also perfect for breakfast. This pie is also crispy and flaky with a taste of salt and other flavors. If you are not afraid to try foods which contains a high amount of calories, then you must try the famous Deep Fried Mars Bar which is actually 1200 calories. Before you leave Scotland, you can also try this even just once in a lifetime. It is like a candy bar or a doughnut because of its sweetness.

You can also eat this with ice cream. But because of its sweetness, it would be good if you just try to eat one piece of it. For dinner, you must try Haggis. It is served with mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, and lamb’s offal. Of course it is not complete without a sauce. So, it is actually served with a whisky sauce.

The Scotch Pie, Deep Fried Mars Bar, and Haggis are some of the most popular foods every tourist mus try when having a tour at Scotland. You can visit also this beauty company pride in here. Check this link over here 醫美. Try to have your beauty appointment here.